What we offer

Your year in project:vienna is split into two semesters. You’ll flex your muscles during each, putting your skills and gifting to work as you become part of the diverse projects on offer with Vienna’s project:church and the Austrian Baptist Union.

You’ll also put your mind to work at regular theological and Bible school classes. Our instructors are trained theologians and practitioners, passionate about teaching, passionate about theology, and passionately plugged into project:church. These classes take place regularly throughout the year.

As a participant in project:vienna, you will also be matched with a personal mentor. This is a person who will provide a friendly face, but also help with the difficult parts of living in a new city, from the practical chores of moving abroad, to culture shock, to unexpected hurdles during the year.

Look below for a brief overview of the opportunities on offer through project:vienna:

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Bible School

Learning to love
the Bible with your mind

We’ll discuss:

  • How can we understand the Bible?

  • Origins of the Bible

  • Intro to OT & NT

  • In-depth theological explorations

Understanding where
we come from

We conduct classes on:

  • Overview of Church History

  • History of the Baptists and Free Churches

  • Excerpts from the History of Theology

  • Biography & Faith & Culture

Discovering our Mission

Together we’ll explore:

  • Understanding mission

  • On the trail of the Kingdom of God

  • Church & the Kingdom of God

Personal Growth:

We aim to guide you through:

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Self-chosen questions/topics

  • Theological conversation

  • Mentoring


Social Field work

Refugee & Integration Work:

  • Visit refugee camps

  • Teach language Courses

  • Help build communities

  • Provide accompaniment & support for legal appointments

  • Give practical support (house moves etc.)

City District Work:

  • Help organize street festivals & markets

  • Help curate a neighbourhood bar and arts venue

Children &Youth Work:

  • Help organize retreats & events

  • Work with youth & children’s groups

  • Experience mission trips in Austria and abroad

University Student Projects:

  • Maintain our student housing project

  • Help coordinate and attend our summer festival

  • Build community through social events

(Inter-) national Baptist Unions:

  • Get to know the work of other Baptist Unions

  • Attend conferences in Austria and abroad

  • Take part in international exchange

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Church & Life

Life Together:

  • Shared life in an apartment

  • Share daily breakfast and devotionals

  • Build independence and social skills

  • Enjoy spending free time together


  • Build the Church together

  • Serve with church teams (worship services, music team, etc.)

  • Attend church retreats

  • Prepare devotions & sermons

  • Contribute to the everyday life of the church (cleaning, catering, taking out the trash etc.)


  • Eat & celebrate together (bring your dancing shoes!)

  • Build a relationship with your personal mentor

  • Get to know people from all across our diverse community