We are project:church.
The DNA of our community is in our name.

We love projects and we love the Church. Having joined both together for the last 15 years, we are now motivated and ready for this new, exciting project. project:church is a young, international Church that consists of several congregations. We are a 15-year-old collective of university students, young adults, young families and refugees from Afghanistan and Iran. Almost every year since the beginning of the project:church, interns have come to us from all over the world in order to work, dream and think together with us for a time. Over the past few years the requests for internships have become more and more numerous. So we decided to develop a one-year program for interns. We want to combine the experiences of internship work and project-oriented work with different social contexts and a basic theological education. It is along these lines that we offer participants of this one-year program an experience that is broad, diverse and exciting.