How is the year structured?

The program of project:vienna has been designed around the church year and the semester-cycle of the students who make up a large part of our congregation.

The year begins and ends with the summer festival, BurningChurch. We hope that the festival will also provide a meeting place for the incoming and outgoing cohorts of project:vienna. The the rest of the year is structured around excursions, volunteer work and conferences.

Bible school courses take place during the two semesters (October­ - January and March–June). Alongside this, participants will dive into the work of the local congregation. Field-work assignments for the month of February will be decided on an individual basis.

Weekly schedules for participants are individually and flexibly arranged around their choice of assignments and the current, ever evolving to-do-list in project:church. As a still point in the day, participants gather for meals, morning prayer and briefings, as well as the Bible school courses.

What Personal Support is on offer?

Plenty of time for self reflection is built into the project:vienna year. There is time to get to know each other at the beginning of the year, an interim review after the first semester and an end-of-year review. The group dynamics are a vital component of project:vienna, but we also set goals for each participant oriented towards personal gifting. Participants will also be assigned a mentor from the project:church, who will accompany them throughout the year, aiding the personal development of the participant and providing a sympathetic ear.


BurningChurch, a festival attended by a network of Churches, individuals and friends, is a project very near to the heart of our Church. We gather once a year at Attersee, in Upper Austria. With its speakers, workshops, vacation-setting and summer bible school, BurningChurch makes the ideal beginning and an unforgettable end to your year in project:vienna. 

For the month of February, you will leave Vienna and explore the Church in other parts of Europe. You will spend this month in Churches, social projects and other programs. Please note that this field-work is dependant on the availability of positions.

We aim to attend and help out at the youth meeting of the German Baptist Union each year. Our connection with the Youth Work of the Baptist Churches in Germany is important to us, and it takes a concrete shape here. As well as this meeting, there will also be other conferences and events during the year that will provide us with the opportunity to take trips together.

Educational trips are optional and carry additional costs. Through the Austrian Baptist Aid organization, project:church has a strong connection to the EBM and many of us enjoy doing summer field-work and taking educational trips to our joint projects all over the world: Mozambique, Cuba, India etc.