project:vienna is a one-year missional program, with a Bible school, in the heart of Vienna. Become a part of an exciting (and somewhat crazy) intercultural community and discover the diversity of God’s working in Church, city and life.    


Discover and develop your Faith

in an atmosphere of openness and freedom. All questions are allowed. There are no prohibitions on thinking. Engage topics that are charged with tension, whether in the spheres of Church and mission, city and community, or faith and reason. Develop your personal, social and intercultural skills together with young people from around the world, in a community setting. This one-year program is for young adults who want to spend a year intensifying their faith and searching for new perspectives.


What’s Waiting for You


Experience faith lived practically in social projects in and beyond Vienna. Among other things, such projects range from refugee and integration work, to projects with children, youth and university students.

Learn about the Bible and theology in a community atmosphere and strike out in search of the practical hope of the Kingdom of God in the here and now. In classes, self-study and theological discussions, we will set out together to discover the diversity and the riches of the Bible. 

Take an active part in the life of an exciting, intercultural urban Church. Put yourself to the test, shore up your abilities, rediscover Church and join us in shaping the Church for the 21st century.

The Church is only the Church when it exists for others
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer