There is a diversity of Projects on offer in Vienna’s project:church as well as in the Austrian Baptist Union

During the semester rotations you will have the chance to have a look at and try out your abilities and gifting in the diverse projects on offer. Theological work and Bible school classes will take place year-round on a regular basis. Likewise, regular participation throughout the year in various jobs and projects is planned for each participant. Here is a brief overview of the various projects offered by project:vienna:


Bible School

Learning to love
the Bible with your mind:

  • How can we understand the Bible?
  • Origins of the Bible
  • Intro to OT & NT
  • In-depth theological explorations

Understanding where
we come from:

  • Overview of Church History
  • History of the Baptists and Free Churches
  • Excerpts from the History of Theology
  • Biography & Faith & Culture

Discovering our Mission:

  • Understanding mission
  • On the trail of the Kingdom of God
  • Church & the Kingdom of God

Personal Growth:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Self-chosen questions/topics
  • Theological conversation
  • Tutoring

Social Field work

Refugee & Integration Work:

  • Visit refugee camps
  •  Language Courses
  • Community-Organizing
  • Accompaniment & Support

City District Work:

  • Street festivals & markets
  • Cultural offers
  • Neighborhood assistance

Children &Youth Work:

  • Retreats & events
  • Youth & childrens’ groups
  • Mission trips

University Student Projects:

  • Student housing project
  • Summer festival
  • Events

(Inter-) national Baptist Unions:

  • Get to know the work of Baptist Unions
  • Attend conferences
  • International exchange

Church & Life

Life Together:

  • Shared life in an apartment
  • Self-organization & Leisure activities


  • Building the Church together
  • Teamwork (Worship services, music team, etc.)
  • Retreats
  • Devotions&Sermons
  • Ideas&developing projects


  • Eating&Celebrating
  • Small groups
  • Mentoring